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     When I start my hobby with Stirling engines, I build my 2 fist engines with collègues'design.

     I get some expérience and I start to design my own models now I have build 100 engines.


Movie ASAP

 On left ASAP

Very simple engine, a can, a baloon, some wood and balsa and the engine run.


On right Kit ASAP

A new design to build a simple kit


Movie KitASAP

"Simplet" engine with a modified Ross-yoke linkage.

Movie Simplet


"The small Vertical"


"Rossy" engine with an  Ross-yoke linkage.

Movie Rossy

Video Solar1

Top :Mini solar run on hand heat


On left :Solar 1


On right : Solar 3


Video Solar3

Swep volume 2 x 600 cubic cm

Power 200 watts at 300 rpm



Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4


Maximum speed 500 rpm


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